Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thunder boomers

The second round of thunderstorms of the evening just rolled through, and I have to confess I was a tad nervous when the sky went all yellow like that.

Although my experiences with wild weather in Michigan led me to believe otherwise, a quick check on line tells me that the yellow sky means the sun is trying to break through the cloud cover.

Rightly or wrongly, I always associate a yellow sky with a tornado warning (frequent events in late July and August in Michigan).

When I was a kid (in Michigan), we used to have tornado drills in school. Everyone had an assigned duty (opening windows is the only one I can think of) - and then we huddled under our flimsy desks.

I seem to remember huddling in the hallway at some point as well, during an actual tornado warning.

I can still see lighting flashing intermittently, off to the east (where the ocean is).

I believe they have changed this procedure.

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mary said...

YES - we got caught in these while downtown last night. While on the one hand I think it's almost cozy, being hunkered down somewhere (ideally, at home) when storms are happening, on the other hand it is definitely a bit scary.

Not as scary, however, as an earthquake. Like the one the other day in California, which my sister got caught in. My mom is begging her to move back East!