Thursday, May 1, 2008

Warnings from Everett re: landfill (edited for clarity at 8:12 am)

Ron Klodenski sent this link to a blog called The Doughboy Chronicals out of Everett, where they have a situation akin to what is going on here with New Ventures and the stinky landfill. Only it seems their mayor is in cahoots with the landfill owner. At least that's what the author of the post contends.

I mean honestly, take a look at some other mayors and see if you think ours isn't so bad.

The post is long (even longer than the longest of mine) but our situation is referenced frequently and the author gives credit to our mayor for taking swift action (such as he could since he inherited the problem mid-whiff of hydrogen sulfide).

Speaking of our mayor, I finally got a gander at his "lookalike" who hangs out at Starboard Galley. At first glance he really does look like the mayor. Except he has a moustache (I only saw him from the side at first).

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