Monday, July 13, 2009

Waterfront Festival

So I went to the Riverfront Festival last Saturday; against my better judgment I might add.

What a freakin' nightmare!

I hope it was good for local businesses but boy the people in the downtown neighborhoods can't have been happy with the number of people cruising for parking spots.

I was once told by a former staff person in the Chamber office that they tried to book lesser-known bands for these events so there were not too many people in the city. Apparently too many people puts too much of a strain on the infrastructure.

But anytime I can sing along to 2 of the songs the band played - that's not a "lesser-known band." Plus young girls squealing at the sight of some other band member is not usually an indication of obscurity ....

There were too many people, in my opinion. But I do hope it was good for business.

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