Monday, July 20, 2009

More landfill

I see that Councillor Donna Holaday has taken a pre-emptive strike with the whole independent counsel/mayor's response to landfill concerns dealie.

This morning Holaday sent her response to Moak's letter around via the email chain.

I'll just put question #12 on here, with the mayor's response and Holaday's following his:

Question 12. What is the current timetable for completing landfill closure? And what responsibilities will the city have and will New Ventures have post-closure?

Mayor’s response: My understanding of what will happen at the landfill during the next two months is the following: C&D materials will continue to be delivered until the valley is filled. Trucks with sand and topsoil will arrive and material will be brought to the top of the plateau and distributed over the existing FML and stockpiled for the remainder of the FML. Once a report on the berm is received, New Ventures will begin the completion of the berm and the final access road. The goal is to have a majority of the seeding done by early October. My goal is to have it completely seeded by October. Because of the 21E agreement, we have no responsibility for post-closure activities.

Comments and Remaining Questions (DH): My concern as this juncture is the apparent lack of a pre-developed and approved plan to address the haul road and break through into previously filled areas releasing high levels of H2S. It is also clear that new odor has developed as it is not reading on the Jerome meters. I would like to see additional testing of air quality to determine what the smell that has been described as ‘sewage’, ‘burnt material’ and other. The bottom line is several residents are exhibiting severe health symptoms and we need to know what we are dealing with and how to mitigate these effects. I am encourage that DEP has been responsive and at the site including responding to a call recently at 11 PM. Finally, residents need advance notification of upcoming procedures and if there is potential for additional blows and what plans are in place to address these.

Severe health symptoms? Isn't that one of the (if not the only) criteria the city can use for shutting New Ventures down?

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