Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our farmers' market is in the top 10

Checking the list of the top 100 farmers' markets in the country at and ours is #9 with 273 votes.

Not a surprise to me, the Flint Farmers' Market is #1 with 1,107 votes.

So ... we can't let Flint beat us out, right? I mean, I know I used to live there and theirs is pretty awesome (or was, 20+ years ago), but still ... ours is pretty awesome, too.

They're way ahead, so if you haven't voted yet, do so right now by clicking here or on the link to our market in the list of top 100.

The winning market gets $5,000.

1 comment:

Mary said...

Thanks for giving me the heads up, so I could cast my vote for Flint! Come on, you know Flint needs the money!!! It's nice to see we're in the lead for something positive instead of double digit unemployment.