Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trouble on Turkey Hill

So I gather there was a big hulabaloo over on Turkey Hill Rd. this morning - geesh, I leave the city and all hell breaks loose.

I hear there were fire trucks, gas company trucks and sewer department trucks, all called by residents over there on the other side of I-95.

What could it have been?

You have 3 guesses ... and if the word LANDFILL didn't immediately spring to mind, then I got nothin' else to say.

On second thought, when do I have nothing else to say?

Well, now.

Except I'll say this: I had phone messages and emails, all about the landfill. One person, who lives on Crow Lane but the other side of I-95, wrote

For the first time in 14 years. I can smell the landfill.

I live on the Turkeyhill side of crow lane.

It stinks. Yuk

Oh joy. Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes before it hits West Newbury?


Bella said...

I was at the city hall and ask the mayors'office if they're concerned about the smell of the landfill with YHC starting next week. A cop was there and he said the odor can't be smell down town ,then he said if it can be smelled he will tell people it is the ocean!

Ari Herzog said...

The YH road race is Tuesday and designated parking areas include the Nock Middle School and New Hope there's a potential for some folks parking and walking/running to or from there to the high school to get a whiff.