Friday, July 24, 2009

By the way ...

Dan Sweeney is out of the race for mayor.

Here's a story from the July 16 Globe North that says just that. I apologize - I totally missed it. Not only that, but I've spoken to Sweeney in person since the story came out.

I just spoke with Sweeney again (I used up his break time) ... and he said he thought I was aware he wasn't running when we spoke last week.

As my old boss used to say, "Never assume anything!'

Not saying it's his fault,mind you ...

Anyway, he is not running because his immediate family was not supportive of him being mayor. He had 274 signatures on his nomination form, but he's not turning in the papers.

"I still retain my conservative Yankee stance," he told me.

He said he had a long phone conversation with Donna Holaday, who apparently called him because she was concerned about him blabbing, basically. He said he has not spoken with James Shanley, the other contender for mayor.

In the conversation, he went over his concerns about regionalization of health services and explained to Holaday about the hidden costs of Youth Services being in Kelley School, for example (DPW people have to maintain the building, taking them away from other duties).

I hope Holaday was taking notes. It seems she's been trying to get the delinquent list of people who have not paid their water/sewer bills, as have other councillors (not having any luck with that, apparently), and he and I both hope she makes that part of her campaign.

Sweeney said he told Holaday he will have to be convinced to back her, but added maybe she doesn't care if he does or does not.

OH - and he told me Barry Connell was at the Sewer Commission meeting this week and Connell made a public disclosure to commissioners about his association with the American Yacht Club.

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