Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And I don't scare easily

Does being a "conservative" mean you have to be a wacko?

I get the whole Ronald Reagan as deity thing, but I don't get why/how anyone can rally around Rush Limbaugh or - gasp - Michele Bachmann.

But yet Newburyport's Voice and its author, Larry Giunta, have done just that.

I will always support the local Republican party in its social initiatives, and I admire the group for all the work it's doing in that arena.

But Michele Bachmann?? The woman is dangerously ignorant.

You're scaring me, Larry.


Anonymous said...

I find great comfort in Larry's posts, when I take the time to read them. Where else can you see such a concrete, black-and-white view of the world where those who are Republican are always right, and those who aren't aren't?

What is it about the name Larry in Newburyport? Great men have that name. Here's two of the same mind: Larry Guinta and Larry Howard.

Newburyport's Voice said...

Hi Gillian,

I love the debate! You know that :)
This is why I started the blog. I wanted to bring the debate back to the area. So people can freely exchange ideas and celebrate their Diversity (to use your folks phrase)

Don't be scared, embrace the exchange of thoughts. Imagine the Minnesota can have Al Franken (lol)and Michele Bachmann in the same state. Talk about diversity!

Remember balance between the political parties in government is good.

Also, don't make me bring out the Joe Biden Gaff tracks. These politicians all make boo boo's. Joe has some woppers. yeks

Your Friend,


Newburyport's Voice said...

Also It must be a slow news day. If my blog is the "News of the Day".

Larry- grin

Dick Monahan said...

As a recovering Republican, I continue to be appalled at what has happened to the party I used to call mine.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Larry McCavitt!

Treasurer Mike said...

Per haps we can get Mayor Menino to help Michelle with her wording perhaps that would help & Larry McC
with her hair style. I do enjoy Larry Giunta comments,
they do make more sense than not.

Anonymous said...

That's right, three of a kind: Larry Guinta, Larry Howard and Larry McCavitt.

Larry! Larry! Larry!

Gillian Swart said...

Thanks everyone.

Larry, I know that - I just couldn't help myself! I find her scary, though, esp when she called for a McCarthy-esque investigation of members of Congress.

And anonymous, McCavitt always speaks from notes. So he may misinterpret something but at least he did the research. He's not ignorant. Pay attention!

Anonymous said...

I think "gangster government" was the only off color comment she has made.
Every other point and comment she had made is 100% the way I personally feel aboit our present government (or lack there of)

Watchdog said...

I know many republicans that consider Ronald Reagan the ideal of what a conservative should be, none however, consider him to be a god. It's the likes of Evan Thomas of Newsweek that mistake politicians for holy men. While Rep. Bachmann, like most politicians, has put her foot in her mouth at times, I found her rather eloquent in the videos Larry posted. It's refreshing that there are still politicians in D.C. that believe in a limited, constitutional government. I'll take Michele Bachmann over Barney Frank any day of the week.

Newburyport's Voice said...

How did poor Larry McCavitt get dragged into this debate?

He isn't even a registered Republican.

I hope it isn't because his name is Larry :)


Gillian Swart said...

Why is that, Watchdog?

Alleged eloquence in the vids on Voice aside, she has more than put her foot in her mouth on many, many occasions (did you watch the link I provided?). Why forgive her for really, really stupid/ignorant comments - for which she has yet to apologize? Plus, "Gangster government" sounds pretty racist to me.

Rush Limbaugh, at least, is there for entertainment value. I believe R. Reagan would have been embarassed by the likes of Bachmann.

Anonymous said...

Gillian needs to realize that Michelles content is accurate. What kind of car do you drive??

Anonymous said...

Typical of Liberals/Democrats, TYT (The Young Turks) engage in name calling and personal attacks. "She's stupid. She's a moron. If you vote for Michele Bachman you're stupid." Ad nauseum from the alleged party of Tolerance and Diversity. Right, as long nobody dares to disagree with the Liberal/Democrat propaganda. If you do then they cut your legs off, or worse, call your 14 year old daughter a knocked-up slut on national TV. Real tolerant. Real diverse. Real classy.
So by TYT's logic, Obama is a stupid moron too since he thinks there are 57 states, not to mention all of the other stupid things he's said. Or nearly everything that comes out of Biden's piehole. Liberalism = Fascism and you will LOSE the REVOLUTION.

Gillian Swart said...

Anonymous #1, not sure what my car has to do with anything and "accuracy" is obviously a matter of opinion, not fact.

Anon #2, I agree that calling that young woman anything but young Ms. Palin was unforgivable. But calling a liberal a fascist is equally unfortunate.

Marshall Maguire said...

I have been following this "debate" with interest. It isn't that Michele Bachmann believes that "The People" should govern rather than the government, who's only constitutionally-sanctioned responsibilty is to serve the people, But that Democtrats can't seem to come up with any intellectually rooted ideas or belief to counter an opposing idea. The Democrats answer is always to attack the person with the isea personally. To attack their intellectualism, their loyalty and even their families. In researching Ms. Bachmann's positions, I hear a person with well thought out ideas. It doesn't even matter if I agree or not. It happens, I do agree with her on many of her ideas. If the Democrats feel she's wrong, explain your position and how your position benefits America more than hers. From what I've seen on this blog so far I doubt there's one amongst you that could rise to that challenge.

Gillian Swart said...

Thanks, Marshall, for using a real name.

It's funny how subjective even something as seemingly objective as the constitution can be.

And I have to point out that each of you who has accused the Dems of name-calling and degrading people have ended up doing the same, on here. Go back and read your post(s).

Helen said...

I think there is a difference between calling someone names or degrading them (as Letterman unfortunately did), and noticing that someone said something foolish. Are we not allowed to notice, and get a little nervous, when an elected official says something ill-informed and illogical? Republicans tend to circle the wagons and call ALL of it "hate"--but it isn't.

When Sarah Palin talks about a nonexistent "Department of Law" that protects the president, or Michelle Bachman gives bad advice about how to fill out census forms, it's perfectly OK for us to point and say, "they're wrong." The price of being in the public eye is that the public is watching, and luckily, the public expects more.

For this reason, when a Democrat says something goofy--and there is always Biden for that--I don't make a fuss when they're called out on it.

Anonymous said...

Conservatism is finally starting to come back (check the polls). Even in Newburyport. There is a race going on. The race is between the following:

1) How long will it take for the vast majority of people realize that Obama is taking our country into Socialism and destroying our economy (and our children's future ecomomy)

2) Obama implements all of his Socialist plans (i.e. nationalized health care) and ruins our ecomony