Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dems want to crack down on driving & "texting"

Aside from the 'word' texting being annoying since it isn't a word at all - according to the standards of the English language - now it's being reported that texting while driving is more hazardous than driving drunk.

The piece is about how Dem legislators want to make it illegal to text and drive. Trying to legislate stupidity never works.

Btw, I have sent, I think, a grand total of one text message in my life. It was an experiment and my nephew had to help me type it.

My other neighbor (not the one who works at the bank) thinks it's somehow a tribute to her skills that she can drive and text, or drive and apply mascara (which she did while I was in the car with her on I-95) ... or even drive with an open container of alcoholic beverage in one hand.

Oh - and she doesn't wear a seatbelt, either. I kind of understand that - seatbelts are not designed for female bodies with breasts larger than a mosquito bite.

I haven't been posting much this week because I've been in a foul mood. This kind of stuff doesn't help.

I'm just holding myself back from posting about men and their little "tests" about whether you're worthy and how a whole generation (or two) of them think that ignoring someone they lured in, in the first place, is a good plan.

Pffft. I've got a blog - and I know how to use it.


Dick Monahan said...

I am often amused by the fact that the DC pols constantly scream about "States Rights" until they think of some law to file that will get them some ink.

And, it's too late. "Texting" is a word. I just hasn't made it to the dictionaries yet.

Bubba don't text said...

No law guarantees compliance - we still have murders even though it's illegal - and we'd surely have more were it not. And certainly, there are many who drive drunk - should we legalize that stupidity as well ? The goal is to minimize the behavior.

PS The seatbelt thing is by design so the guy can do the "reach across" if he has to stop quickly.

Sarah Swart said...

Wow. I've been annoyed by seatbelts (larger than a mosquito bite here) since I started driving. Never previously considered that aspect of them as a design feature. It would be sort of pathetically charming if it didn't piss me off every single day.

Southender said...

Your writing has a nice edge to it when you're a bit peevish a/k/a in foul mood. This town can do that to you.

Gillian Swart said...

Thanks, Southender - writing is always "better" when there's emotion behind it.

Bubba, you raise an interesting moral question. People who murder (in a calculated way, that is) are going to keep doing it whether it's legal or not. People who murder under emotional circumstances also.

I would say the rest of us don't do it mostly because we know on some basic level that it's wrong and/or we just can't bring ourselves to do it.

Not that I think it should be legal, mind you. I just believe that most people wouldn't do it, even if it were.

"Texting" is a different level of bad behavior altogether.

Bubba said...

Yes, texting is perhaps different than murder - what about drunk driving ? The reality is that illegalizing a behavior will cause some people to curtail it. People continue to drive drunk even though it's illegal and some folks would never drive dunk even if it were legal - it's the folks in between that the law is attempting to address. And it's the same with texting.