Friday, July 31, 2009

"Squeak I tell you, squeak"

So the buzz on the street (email) is that the much-touted Noisome Trade Agreement - the one that is supposed to save us all from the ravages of New Ventures - ends once all the construction and demolition material is dumped at the landfill.

This momentous event - the end of C&D material - will take place in about 2 weeks. And guess what? Apparently there's no money in the budget to put another noisome trade agreement in place.

Remember the mayor saying it was OK to circumvent the host community agreement because we had the Noisome Trade Agreement to dangle over the landfill owner's head?

Well now, boys and girls, we can rely on the DEP to make everything alright. Because the city apparently has washed its hands of the landfill and has put the onus on the state.

Screw the people who have been, and still are, inhaling hydrogen sulfide at unknown levels. Hey, the other day it was reported that New Ventures' Jerome meters went offline. Where was the health dept. or DEP when that happened?

Did everything shut down at the landfill until the meters were working again? Duh ... no.

And some people wanted to share this extraordinary service with 2 neighboring communities.

I'm just waiting for the fire to break out.

I have a call in to Brian Derrivan in the hopes that he explain all this.

Ohhhh my power just went off for a minute.

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Bubba said...

What's all the fuss about ? It's like they're losing their convenience store or anything important like that.