Thursday, July 9, 2009


I like it when someone confirms my highly suspect memories of events, and I also like it when I discover that the memory is also precious to others.

A long time ago now, my sister, future brother-in-law and I were on a harbor music cruise in Boston. Stop me if I've told you this before - I'm sure I have -

Anyway, it was foggy and the local band Treat Her Right was playing on the top deck. (Think Morphine frontman Mark Sandman, before there was a Morphine, and of course before he died.)

I don't remember if anyone was clear that we were at the end of a runway at Logan Airport because it wasn't clear, you know?

All of a sudden there was this roar and a huge jet emerged from the fog, right over our heads; we could see it almost touch down on the tarmac - and then it disappeared back into the fog.

Last weekend a Treat Her Right song was playing at a family gathering and my brother-in-law said to me, "This song always reminds me of when were on that boat ..." or something like that ... and although none of us could remember if that was the exact song they were playing when the incident occurred, that's the song that reminds me of that night.

It's called "Marie."

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