Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Appealing 'meal'

My cousin posted a link on Facebook to a post on about words that make one wince.

It has copious comments.

I commented to my cousin that I only think about words that I love ('copious' would be one of those), although his wince-worthy words include 'salad,' which I have to admit is a bloody awful word.

One of my favorite words is 'wine,' but not because of the substance. I just like the word, as I do the word 'meal.'

'Meal' is a word that you find mostly in books from England because English people say such things as, "Let's go for a meal," or "Come over for a meal."

As a person that loves words, I can see that the chances of me ever taking to texting is pretty remote.

'Remote' is another good word. 'Texting' is an abomination.


Sarah Swart said...

As a person who loves words, you must remember the word "who"! Don't depersonalize yourself with a "that".... (pet peeve). The word I hate is 'nostril.'
Also, 'cacophony.'
And 'peurile.'

Macy Swain said...

Enjoyable post, Gillian. I wholeheartedly agree with Sarah about the "who"/'that" confusions and misuses. I love "lugubrious" and "meadow." With you, I can't stand "texting." Somebody, I forget who, once listed "breezeway" as one of his favorite words. I like that one too.

Gillian Swart said...

Actually, I used "that" because I wrote "person" not "I," but I get the point.

Thanks for the comments, ladies.

Bella said...

Right now my favorite word is "mom" ! As I just lost my mother last year! I miss not being able to say 'Hi mom" anymore! Bella was my mom favorite sister, this I am using the name Bella , to honor my mom! I was named after Bella.

Jennifer Karin said...

My fav word is akimbo. It's so rhythmic.