Monday, July 27, 2009

Different Steve Coles

That's it - they were different Steve Coles.

One is Steven P. Cole, of the School Committee, and the other is Stephen Cole, not of the School Committee.

Speaking of the School Committee, all three of the candidates are certified and are locked in because there are only three vacancies.

And speaking of locked in, so are Brian Derrivan (Ward 5), Greg Earls (Ward 2) and Tom O'Brien (Ward 6), who will run unopposed. Some people say they should be locked up ... oh, I'm KIDDING.

I thought, right up until Friday at 5 p.m., that my pal Ron Klodenski would pull papers for mayor. I'm so bummed out now.

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Bella said...

You're not the only one bummed out about Ron Klodenski not pulling paper to run for mayor! I sure would had voted for Ron!