Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Little jerk at the door

Oh my stars ... this young man appeared at my door a few hours ago, claiming to be from both 34th St. and some highly successful softball team.

He told me he needed to raise $250 for a team trip to Hawaii and his deadline was today. He'd already raised $750 of the necessary $1,000, he said.

I told him I was broke and he ... scoffed.

"You live out here and you're broke?!" he said.

Well, yeah, you little jerk.

I didn't say that.

Anyway, he continued to press and question my financial status until I said, "Sorry."

He turned away and muttered, "Jesus," or something similar as he wandered off in the direction of my neighbor's house.


Anonymous said...

Little jerk sounds more like a little junkie.

Bella said...

Did you call the cops to report this? The guy should taken off the street ,before he con more people out of their money!