Friday, July 17, 2009

Moak denies it all

I was talking to the mayor earlier - and by the way, he did eventually return my call but this was in-person encounter, at the beach meeting.

He tried to escape by coming in late and leaving early, but I ran after him as he left. He (I think) jokingly commented that he was leaving early in an attempt to avoid talking to me.

He said that Ward 5 Councilor Derrivan did not ask him specifically to shut down the landfill, but that rather they had had conversations about it.

Huh ... well the part of Derrivan's story I did not put in my story in the Current is that he said Thibeault (landfill owner) confronted him that same day (last Friday) at the landfill and demanded to know why he had asked Moak to shut down the landfill.

That Brian Derrivan, he sure can weave a good story ...

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