Friday, July 10, 2009

So I was wandering around town on Wednesday morning, in the damp with my new friend from Dallas, reporter Stewart Lytle.

His wife owns, or partly owns, that new store there on Pleasant St. next to the new Three Sisters place (is that its name?).

I notice that someone (Waterfront Trust?) has marked off and numbered parking spots, including ones right up against Davis Electric. This must be in preparation for paid parking, which by the way I think is a bad idea.

It will give the appearance that you can't get down to the waterfront without paying, which I'm sure is not going to be good for the Black Cow or PI Coffee Roasters. I don't think too many people from out of town are going to pull in and wonder, "Oh, is there free parking at that restaurant down there, beyond this paid parking?"

There is free parking at that restaurant down there. And what about people going to the Chamber of Commerce? I mean, it's good that it's hourly, and $.50 is peanuts ... so maybe it won't be so bad.

I keep forgetting that everywhere else under the sun, you have to pay to park (except a mall, of course, but malls don't generally offer whale watch cruises).

So I'm guessing the right-of-way to the former Lagasse property/now Karp property is the little alleyway running along the west of Davis Electric.

Oh the drama.

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Boardwalk walker said...

I remember reading in the Daily News a long time ago that several spaces there, including the Davis Electric ones, are part of one of the public ways, not the NRA property. They are not supposed to be part of the paid parking lot. How can they do this?