Wednesday, July 15, 2009


OK, so now someone else has pointed out that the American Yacht Club does not own the land in question, re: 115 Water St.

The owner of record is:


The American Yacht Club owns 115R Water St.

I haven't had time to completely review the document I got this morning about the project, but after I put the phone down, I did look at the section about acquisition of 115 Water St. parcel.

What is going on, according to this, is that the access easement that AYC has needs to be relocated.

The report also says that the city solicitor, Kopelman & Paige, "completed the title research necessary to acquire the parcel of land at 115 Water St. via the eminent domain process. The next step will be to conduct a uniqueness determination for the propety. However, this step can not proceed until the city has negotiated a Purchase and Sale agreement with the owner of the property."

So Barry is in the clear! Yay!

People should try writing to me instead of calling city councillors about posts on my blog ... what if I hadn't called this guy for a quote?

P.S. I just posted 2 comments correcting me on this. I appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

told ya so ;)

Anonymous said...

Making a jab at Councilor Connell over his AYC membership was, at best, childish if your facts were correct, inexcusable considering they were not.

Gillian Swart said...

And taking a jab at me, anonymously? What do you call that?

I think Councillor Connell can fight his own battles.

In fact, he has, and all is well.

Anonymous 2 said...

Don't slam Anonymous. Making a charge on a blog without proper facts is a much more outrageous act than not giving your name. Your error is Exhibit A on the dangers of a "news" blog. Councilor Connell may be able to fight his own battles, but this was a needless one. Check your facts before rushing to post.