Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good luck, Amesbuy and Salisbury

So at the beginning of my wild foray through City Hall this morning, I stopped in the Health Dept. to get a copy of the latest shared health services agreement.

"We don't have it," the woman at the counter said.

She recognized my amazement and went on to say that it was in Amesbury.

"And you don't have a copy here?" I asked, just to be sure I was understanding her correctly.

No, she assured me, it was in Amesbury - and I'd have to get it from Amesbury. I will note here that Amesbury's City Clerk, Bonnijo Kitchin, offered last night to send me one today if I couldn't get one.

Anyway, back to the Newburyport Board of Health, in whose hands both Amesbury and Salisbury have placed their faith.

The woman didn't stop there. She proceeded to volunteer that Amesbury passed the agreement last night and that "them and all" were there at the meeting.

"Who was at the meeting?" I asked.

"Mr. Morris," she replied.

"No he wasn't," I said, although I did add that he could have been up in that little glassed-in room where Kezer watches the Municipal Council meetings.

She blinked - but reiterated that he had been there.

"Well I didn't see him, and I was there," I replied as I turned to leave.

So up to the Clerk's Office, where Richard Jones very helpfully provided me with a copy of the updated agreement, which I knew damn well Newburyport had because the City Councillors all had copies of it on Monday night and it's our friggin' agreement.


If she had said that she couldn't give it to me without Jack Morris' approval, I would have been a bit peeved - but why lie?

Yeah, this whole shared services thing is going to work out really well.

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