Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More from the project narrative

'The placement of sand on Plum Island and Salisbury Beach is considered to be a relatively short-term, yet necessary effort, to temporarily alleviate the severe erosion that has occurred in this area. The USACE estimates that the benefits from this beach nourishment effort should last for approximately five (5) years.'

"The total project cost for the dredging and nourishment at Plum Island and Salisbury Beach is currently estimated at approximately $3.7 million."

Possible construction methods (and you think the turbine is bothersome):

Hydraulic Pipeline Method
Pump-Off Hopper Method
or both

Lots of mention of pumps, heavy equipment and portable lights (they would be used to enable work to proceed at night!).

The work window for dredging and disposal is Oct. 1 to March 14.

Happy winter, people living on the Newbury town beach.

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Anonymous said...

too bad the state wasted 5 million on the rail trail, could have helped a lot more people on the island...