Friday, July 10, 2009

This is very interesting

I am on the email chain for landfill neighbors and other interested parties.

This morning there was an interesting post from Bill Woodbury, at whose home there was a Jerome meter - a meter used to measure levels of hydrogen sulfide in the air. I believe it's the only one off the landfill property.

ha ha ... this is the meter that he said read one thing over the weekend, and New Ventures said read zero shortly thereafter.

Now it seems that someone enclosed the meter in a box that had to be unlocked before the meter can be read.

Woodbury reports that he asked the person who came out to his house last night to take a reading to remove the meter.

"We are done doing business as usual for now," Woodbury writes this morning.

In an email from yesterday, Ward 5 City Councillor Brian Derrivan wrote:

The DEP has told me that the odors that filled the neighborhood over the weekend were mainly the flare and the media that was change yesterday. The meter readings that NV has taken have matched the meter readings of the DEP meter. The other issues are breakouts that have been occurring for the past few weeks because of all the rain. I’m not sending these updates trying to defend NV but simple stating what’s going on at the landfill. As for overactive imaginations I spent Sunday afternoon in the Woodbury’s back yard and smelled the H2S coming in waves as Woody and I sat on his back deck.

Mayor Moak told me for a story the other day that DEP was out there earlier this week with their own meters.

If this doesn't stink of a coverup, I don't know what does.


Tom Salemi said...

Cover up of....?

In related news, we could smells something landfillish in the North End last night. Yeech.

Bella said...

It is too bad the landfill can't be covered up as fast as the truth is being covered up! It sure did stink around here last night!