Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thumbs up

I made a return visit to Oregano with my neighbor Lisa tonight. I hadn't eaten there since Jamie Parsons was hired as executive chef.

First of all - they gave us some hot bread, just out of the oven, that was out of this world.

We split a small spicy pepperoni and roasted mushroom pizza. Y'all know I'm not a big fan of pizza, but this was really, really, really good.

And I'm not just saying that because I raised a fuss about their liquor license - it was one of the best, if not the best, pizza I've ever had.

Everything about it was perfect - the crust, the amount of sauce, the flavor of the sauce, the fresh cheese ... just everything.

Give it another chance. The pizza was $11 and we couldn't eat it all (although we did pick all the stuff off the top of the 2 slices we couldn't finish).

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