Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ticket booth issue still sticky

I read with a bit of horror Mary Baker Eaton's post today about the discussions around where to relocate that contentious ticket booth.

Then I clicked on the link Mary provided, to the Yahoo group of the Waterfront Trust.

Seems like the WFT is not in agreement with the city and other groups that the booth would best be put at the terminus of the Old Wharf Way (that cut-through on the berm with the granite in the middle so cars can't drive through).

At least a couple of them think it would be better to put the booth in the middle of the sculpture park ... and that's what Mary's on about.

My first issue here is that Senior Project Mgr. Geordie Vining had a meeting with attorney Bill Harris and Ward 1 City Councillor Larry McCavitt about where to put the booth - and no one from the WFT was invited to the meeting.

This harkens me back to last night, when Tom Jones said something similar about the harborwalk - that the mayor and the Planning Office negotiated something without input from appropriate parties.

My second issue here is this Yahoo Group that the WFT has going. I thought public entities were not supposed to deliberate behind the backs of the public.

Click on the link (same as the one above) and see if it doesn't seem like they are deliberating.

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