Friday, July 31, 2009

Landfill update, such as it is (redux)

I did get a call back from Brian Derrivan. He was not absolutely sure about the Noisome Trade agreement but said he had a call in to the mayor and an email in to Dick Chalpin at DEP.

Apparently the DEP monitor (who is from Shaw Environmental) goes around every day and puts red flags where there are breakouts of H2S and/or leachate and New Ventures is supposed to fix it that day.

Derrivan, however, said he is not clear on DEP protocols for this or for odor control and consequences for not fixing the problem. That's why he was trying to contact Chalpin.

He is concerned that odor complaints are coming in during the day - most of the complaints are usually in the early morning or evening/night. He is also concerned about how the area has increased (the area of complaints, that is).

The number of complaints seems to have gone up this week - you know, since DEP has been on site (excluding last week's big breakout that apparently was stinking up W. Newbury).

In the meanwhile, I just got an email from, which is where everyone is encouraged to send questions, comments and suggestions.

In addition to the promised email updates, correspondence and reports are posted on the MassDEP Northeast Region web site at

Also in the meantime, Ron Klodenski squeaked - he sent an email to Health Director Jack Morris asking him to enforce the Noisome Trade rules at the landfill. I do, believe, however, that Friday afternoons Morris works in Amesbury.

I'd better post this before the power goes out again - massive amts. of rain pouring down ...


Anonymous said...

This is criminal and why no one has seen the inside of a jail cell baffles the mind. The residents should get together and sue. Sue New Ventures, the city, the DEP. Name them all in a suit and take it to the supreme court. It is so sad that it has come to this.

Bella said...

I did call a lawyer office , there was movie about the Lawyer , it called a 'Civl Action'. I was told it would be very hard to prove the landfill is the cause of people geeting sick . We live near a industical park and New Ventures could say that is making people sick! If people do not have anything from their doctors or AJH in writting for the past six years it will be really hard to say the landfill making them sick! NV would say if people were getting so damn sick , show us prove with your medical records! And New Ventures would have the rights to see all our medical records for the past six years!
The emails we been sending is only hearsay to the court and are useless! It would be really hard to sues all the paries involve in this! Maybe someone else could try calling a lawyer , that lawyer may feel that we had a case! I know I did try! And I am sorry for poor spelling , is there a spell check for this blog ,I sure could use one!