Monday, July 20, 2009

DEP commissioner will be here tomorrow

This was on the old email when I got home, from Brian Derrivan (the emphasis is mine):

As you all know the Governor will be in Newburyport Tuesday evening for his town hall meeting and I'm sure you will all have many questions for him. For the past few weeks Councilor Cameron, Mayor Moak and myself have been trying to get the DEP to come and answer residents and councilors concerns regarding the final closure and berm report. I'm happy to say that Tuesday afternoon DEP commissioner Laurie Burt will be in town to tour the Crow Land Landfill and Plum Island. The commissioner will then hold a public meeting at 4:00pm at city hall. I ask all of you to please attend if at all possible.

I would also like to let everyone know the the DEP will have a representative from Shaw Environmental at the landfill on a daily basis starting next week doing there own monitoring of all activities, and that the DEP will be conducting air quality studies so we can find out what the other odors have been and if they are coming from the Landfill.

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