Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Election update

OK, so 2 people running for office have returned nomination papers to the Clerk's Office and have been certified:

Tom O'Brien (Ward 6 Councillor)
Dan Koen (School Committee)

So now on the list - how will I indicate that they are officially candidates? I don't want to make another list ... and as of right now, I don't have the dates they returned papers and were certified (but I think it was today).

Also, for Charter Commission, I missed 4 people on my last list: Roger Gagnon, JoAn Kincaid, Jim Stiles and Kenneth Woods; so there are 17 people, three of whom have returned papers and have been certified (date of returned papers in parens):
  1. Paul Bevilacqua
  2. David Clarridge
  3. Roger Gagnon
  4. Judith Grohe
  5. JoAn Kincaid
  6. Doug Locy
  7. Tom Lyons
  8. Janet Marcus
  9. Olga McFarlane (05/27/09)
  10. Bruce Menin
  11. Cynthia Muir (06/01/09)
  12. Bonnie Perkins
  13. Tom Salemi
  14. Jim Stiles
  15. Bruce Vogel
  16. Alexander "Zab" Warren (07/06/09)
  17. Kenneth Woods

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