Friday, July 10, 2009

Turbine troubles

I gather from this report in the Daily News and the report from Ari Herzog that the City Council's Planning and Development committee continues to study changes to the city's wind turbine ordinance.

From today's DN:

Any recommendations from the City Council's Planning and Development committee on how to change the city's wind turbine ordinance will not come for a few weeks. The three-person board decided last night to wait to go through the document until they gather more information and divide up the work.

The committee will meet again July 29 at 7 p.m. in City Hall.

I did not attend the meeting, but it was the P&D and Committee-of-the-Whole, which is becoming quite the norm these days with "hot" issues.

Another interesting tidbit, a quote from At-large Councillor Donna Holaday, who of course is running for mayor:

At-large Councilor Donna Holaday asked the committee to look over how studies are presented under the ordinance, saying the independent study used in the Richey case was "wrong" when it said the noise and flicker would be minimal for neighbors.

"That is inaccurate information," she said. "Look at where these neighbors are. So now what do we do?"

Well ... duh.

In the meantime, if someone comes along with a wind energy proposal, will that fall under the old ordinance? I think someone - believe it was James Shanley - said there would be some sort of interim arrangement.

This info should have been included in the story, since isn't the MBTA planning a turbine at the train station?

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