Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harborwalk restrictions approved

Well once again a City Council with serious issues with the state DEP approves something because the DEP thinks it's a good idea.

I got nothing else here because I just cannot believe they did this AGAIN.

OK, so there will be no lights on the boardwalk so it's a safety issue to say people can go on there at night. Fine.

Why are there no lights? Aren't there lights at that private marina?

Oh heaven forbid the residents should have people walking by their windows; it's not as if the city wants to allow a giant windmill to be built practically right outside ... oh, wait. Never mind.

Council President James Shanley relinquished his chair briefly to speak in favor of this whole thing and said it would not set a precedent for "Steve Karp" ... yeah, right.

Karp is not going to say, "Well it's what you did over there, so why am I being treated differently?"

By the way, I do believe the public docks (such as they are) at the Black Cow have a similar "dawn to dusk" restriction, so I guess the precedent was already set.

I think it's interesting what while Larry McCavitt (Ward 1) brought up the fact that the River's Edge condos operated for years without a Chapter 91 license, he didn't bring up that the reason the boardwalk is going by there at all is because the place didn't pay the fines for not having a license and had to cave on the Memorandum of Understanding in exchange.

Talk about not taking advantage of the upper hand ... and using the DEP like a little hand puppet.


Bubba said...

I suggest that from this day forward the council be referred to as "Old Rubber Stamp".

Gillian Swart said...

Well said, Bubba.

Bubba said...

What's this I hear that the Nbpt ConCom won't let the ACOE place the sand pipes on the beach ?

Sarah Swart said...

Hey, quit picking on the turbine.

Did I ever share with you that folks where I work objected to a turbine behind the property? Because of its potential to throw off pounds of weighty ice in bad weather, thus killing people.