Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Landfill mini-brief

No odor complaints from the landfill yesterday - but there's one so far this morning.

DEP Commissioner Laurie Burt toured the landfill yesterday, early afternoon. I hear owner William Thibeault turned on the charm.

I'm not clear yet on what my 2 allotted stories for the Current are this week, but check my page on for reports that don't make it into the Current.

Thank you; I have to work now on stuff that actually pays.


Anonymous said...


Thank YOU for the updates.

Bella said...

It was really horrible at the landfill at 12:00 PM today, 7/22/09! I saw one person driving on Low St. with their hand covering their nose, I had to do the same too! I bet my dog had his paws over his nose in the back seat of my car! He is that smart! I wish I had ask DEP if they could pass out gas masks to us!

dan Sweeney said...

what an 'odd' smell on Low Street from the Farm Stand to the new Hospital Road. Kinda like burning, but Sulfer taste too! "No Complaints Today" is very surprising to hear! Actually, we sometines get odors way over to West Newburyport, when we have an East Wind!

Gillian Swart said...

No complaints yesterday, Dan ... you know, when the DEP commissioner and governor were in town ... they are digging into the haul road today, says Mr. Derrivan.

Bella said...

Dan, so you can taste the Sulfer too! It is horrible ,I have to rise my mouth out with toothpaste after taking my dog out! My daughter does not want to vist me with her child and I can't blame her! I really do not think any good is going come out of DEP being here yesterday!