Thursday, July 2, 2009

Update on the little jerk

I called the NPD this morning about the kid who came to my door yesterday because at least 2 of them seem to be all over the place.

The dispatcher told me that they are aware of these people BUT what they are doing - going door to door - is not illegal and all the police can do is monitor them.

She said they have stopped the people and talked to them a few times.

I posted a warning on Facebook and one of my friends replied that a young woman came to her door yesterday allegedly collecting funds for the Sierra Club.

What this kid said to me was that his parents told him to apologize if he was interrupting, that it was his last chance to collect the $250 he needed to go to Hawaii with his softball team ("Why else would I be out in the pouring rain?") and that he was a neighborhood kid. He also said he was offering handyman services in exchange for a donation.

Does this mean that I can make up a story and go door-to-door, soliciting funds?

Now everyone is a suspect ...


Tom Salemi said...

I sweetly tell all door-to-door solicitors to just move along. It's getting a bit ridiculous.

Dick Monahan said...

When I told the Sierra Club girl that I was busy working, she said, "Then I'll just give you the short story." That was when I closed the door.

Anonymous said...

Sierra Club would NEVER go door to door.

skyebluelake said...

Sierra Club person stopped by -- "grass roots movement" was his story. Ahem.

Girl stopped by. She was raising money to be exhange student in London this fall. Says she goes to Temple University and lives just a "street over." Too many lies!