Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Governor's meeting

Nothing Earth-shattering at the gov's town hall meeting, as far as I could determine. I had to leave before it ended to go to the ConCom meeting (I walked in moments before they started with the Newburyport stuff).

Luckily, my Current editor was there to continue taking notes.

The only thing of note, really, was that it seemed as if all the Repubs stormed out before I did. Well, I guess "stormed" is too strong a word. So the gov was randomly assigning the order for questions, in waves, and I guess they got mad that he didn't call on any of them?

How would he know they were Republicans? They shouldn't look so angry, I guess!

Ron K, it seems from Barbara's notes, got in a question about the landfill - but there had been the DEP meeting right before.

Also from a scan of Barbara's notes, someone asked a lot of questions/commented about cutbacks in the police force and a Republican contender for John Tierney asked questions about the sales tax hike.

Looks like the gov said he "is open" to rolling it back when revenues increase.

He had a lot of his cabinet people on hand to supplement his answers, which I don't believe happened last year in Amesbury.

It was all very sociable and social - and the governor brought his puppy along. If anyone has any questions, ask away and I'll try to answer them.


Ari Herzog said...

I didn't notice all of the governor's cabinet, but did see Education Secretary Paul Reville, Labor and Workforce Secretary Suzanne Bump, Public Safety Secretary Kevin Burke, and Administration and Finance Secretary Leslie Kirwan.

Of note, were Costello and Baddouir there? I didn't see them. The only state legislator I recognized was Rep. Ted Speliotis, of Danvers.

Newburyport's Voice said...

Hi Gillian,

Storming is too strong.

I left because I had people waiting on me at Michaels. When I left my crew had heard enough.

We were disappointed there was so little fiscal discussion.

These meetings always seem like a good idea but I am not sure anything gets accomplished.

Onward and upward for the GOP,