Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ward 3 race getting hot

Wow, the potential for a hot time in old Ward 3 is getting stronger every day.

I looked up Bob Cronin and here he is - a full-time deputy sheriff with the Middlesex Co. Sheriff's Office and a U.S. Coast Guard licensed 100-ton master.

Well, as another potential candidate said to me the other day, "Just because someone pulls papers doesn't mean they're actually running for anything."



Ari Herzog said...

Congrats to Bob to announcing his candidacy and Katie for announcing her re-election.

This leads to a question. State law - chapter 30, section 21 - indicates state employees can't receive two separate checks from the treasurer.

As a county sheriff, he's a state employee. Would he legally be able to be both a county sheriff and a city councillor, considering the latter is also a paid position? Or...?

Anonymous said...

That section of MGL deals with receiving multiple checks from the commonwealth. If you receive a salary from the state and a city or town, it does not apply because it's two separate entities. In fact, that's the case with some current councilors.