Monday, June 22, 2009

Charter Commission peoples

So the Clerk's office just confirmed these nine people who have signed on so far to be on the Charter Commission, should the ballot question pass in November:
  • Paul Bevilacqua
  • Judith Grohe
  • Doug Locy
  • Olga McFarland
  • Bruce Menin
  • Cynthia Muir
  • Bonnie Perkins
  • Bruce Vogel
  • Alexander "Zab" Warren
Paul Bevilacqua is a former vice president for academic affairs at Northern Essex Community College and facilitated a joint effort between the college and the city's tree committee back a couple of years ago.

Bruce Menin, as I said previously, is on the School Committee and Bruce Vogel is the former Ward 5 city councillor.

Doug Locy was once on the Planning Board, until the mayor decided to not re-appoint him, just about two years ago now.

Olga McFarland I believe is very involved with the new senior citizens center.

That's all I knew about these 9 people at this moment - except that it took a lot of commitment from them to sign on to this project and I congratulate them for their civic-mindedness.


Ed Cameron said...

Hi Gillian,

Thanks for updating on the Charter Review process and the citizens who have expressed interested in being on the Commission. As you've reported, the question will be on the ballot; over 1920 voters have signed the petition to put it on the ballot.

Couple of clarifications:
1) Each Commission candidate needs to submit nomination papers with a minimum 50 signatures to get on the November ballot. So I believe the nine people you cite have 'pulled' papers, not sure who, if anyone, has submitted the 50 signatures yet and is officially on the ballot.

2) Voters in November will decide yes/no on whether a Commission is formed and at the same time the voters will choose the 9 Commission members. If the result is a "Yes" vote, then the top 9 are the Commissioners. If the result is a "No" vote, then there is no Commission.

Thanks for the coverage.


Gillian Swart said...

Thanks for the clarification, Ed. Of course, they have to return the papers ... I'll check later with the clerk to see who has, when I call for my usual "Any news (about people pulling papers)?" update.

Anonymous said...

would be interesting to see the members policital affiliation as well Gillian, if thats possible...

Gillian Swart said...

I don't think they have to state political affiliation, anon. I still think that's a bizarre part of Newburyport politics.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure there is a way to find out...

Anonymous said...

It's not unique to Newburyport not to state political party when running for office. It's that way all throughout the state.