Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some comments on Cronin

I'm not a huge fan of the Harbor Commission - way too much testosterone at those meetings.

Well, at the one meeting I actually attended. I think it was just the one.

They were talking about floating docks and Chuck Lagasse (of Newburyport Development and a local bigwig) stood up and started yelling at, I think, Larry McCavitt, who was addressing the commission and talking about (what else?) Chapter 91 rules and regulations ... those are the ones that govern state waterways.

I'm not sure if Bob Cronin was at that particular meeting, though.

I do know that he, as did all the harbor commissioners, opposed the re-appointment of Cliff Goudey to the Waterfront Trust and that he is a Moak supporter (or was, when he wrote this letter to the editor of the Current in 2007).

I think those 2 things are contradictory in the case of the Goudey appointment, since Mayor Moak put Goudey up for re-appointment.

Why am I singling out Cronin for comment?

Because the harbor and the waterfront are places that are near and dear to my heart. And the mayor is all for development on the river.

I look forward to hearing from him on these two "challenged" aspects of our city.

Plus I think he's a real challenger for the post, as is Andrea Jones.

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