Friday, June 12, 2009

Morning update

You will notice that Donna Holaday pulled papers yesterday for mayor (and withdrew her papers for councillor-at-large) and that Clete Kijek pulled papers for Ward 4 councillor.

Bruce Menin is also running for Charter Commission, if the charter review question gets on the ballot. I am told they have more than 1,400 of the required 1,930 signatures.


Bella said...

Who is Clete Kijek ?

Anonymous said...

How can Bruce Menin run for office in Newburyport? He has been living in Framingham, where he works, since his marriage broke up. He may be here on weekends to see his kids, but that hardly constitutes a "resident." No need to publish this, but I and many others wish someone would question how Menin can fill an elected position when he does not live in the city any longer?

Gillian Swart said...

Sorry, anonymous, I clicked on "publish" before I got to the part about "No need to publish this."

I actually checked with Bruce about this residency issue (having been alerted to it before), and he says he has an apartment in the city, in which he lives.

Anonymous said...

What amazes me is that after all of Mr. Menin's years of service on the school committee (during which he has been unwavering in his commitment to transparency), that any of the fine residents of Newburyport could even entertain the notion that he would be less than honest about meeting the residency requirements of running for any elected position. Clearly, neither the status of his marriage, nor where he is employed, has any bearing on his residency. Thanks for clearing that up Gillian. Now folks can focus on the merits of his candidacy. No one can doubt his commitment to Newburyport, the community in which he still lives and is raising his children, that's for sure.