Tuesday, June 30, 2009

They're not real!

I should have said they aren't real penguins ... I'm trying to figure out who put them out there. We have a 'suspect.'

The other day a woman stopped dead in the middle of Water St. - and almost got rear-ended - because she was so stunned by the sight.


Anonymous said...

Those penguins need to be removed. At sunrise, the flicker is incredible.

Southender said...

Imagine ... Bill Harris & His Boardwalk Boys will be down to get a mooring fee any time now ... Then the Boys on Green Street (thank you, Tom Ryan) will be looking to post traffic details (on O.T. of course) to keep the curious at bay.

Gillian Swart said...

Oh yeah ... mooring fees. I guess it's better not to identify the perp, huh? By the way, if you are the same "Southender" from the comments on the DN story, thank you for the compliment. It made my day.