Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Assume that I'm on it

Oh and by the way - nobody pulled papers for anything today.

You can safely assume from now on that if I don't update the list or explain why I didn't make the calls, that nothing happened.

The staff in the clerk's office can testify that I call regularly. They're very nice to me, considering how often I do call.

Today I called and dropped in, just for good measure. With zeal. (I like it when Tom Salemi - or anyone - hands me a good word that I had forgotten about. It happens a lot.)

I need to bake them some cookies or something - but that might be construed as bribery.


Tom Salemi said...

I don't mean this as a knock on the guy at all. I really don't.

But I'm surprised--given all that's happened in that ward and the level of dissatisfation--that no one is taking on Derrivan.

But I'm excited with the races we've got.

Gillian Swart said...

Well, there's still time ...

Newburyport's Voice said...

Hi Tom,

I believe the reason no one is running against Brian is because he is well liked and is doing a good job.

Larry Giunta