Sunday, June 14, 2009

Farmers' market a howling success

Get it - howling success? Dog? Never mind.

It's was pretty rockin', though. Not only were people buying, buying, buying but they were in groups socializing & etc.

Gee, I hope these people don't mind me using this photo ...

I could go on to comment about Betty the sheep from Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm being there and the baad weather ... but I won't.


Jennifer Karin said...

Wait. Socializing? in Groups? Without a computer, and a social network requiring a password? Get outta town!

Gillian Swart said...

Yeah, it was pretty damn stunning.

Anonymous said...

I was expecting better prices. $5-$6 for the Strawberries was a rip-off

Gillian Swart said...

Some of the prices were good - I got the red grass plant thingie I try to get every year, and that was dead cheap ($5). That was from Arrowhead.

But I bet they got the $5 for the strawberries.

It's early yet and I'm willing to cut them a break. Especially since the stuff I did buy was head and shoulders above what's available in the markets.