Thursday, June 25, 2009

That dreaded sound

Just after midnight I heard a helicopter - it's hovering - it's loud - that means something bad is happening and not too far away.

I just got back from walking down to the basin (the body of water between this side of the island and the east side) and I can see the reflection of a red light flashing off the cloud cover.

Looks like the helo is over the mouth of the river but it's hard to tell.

I can still hear it and now I'm worried about what happened.

But wait - just clicked on the Daily News website and found out there was a boat accident off the north jetty, in Salisbury (at the mouth of the river). It was way too foggy to be out boating.

Wow, I must have been way involved in that Facebook conversation not to have noticed the helicopter earlier.


Thomas F. Ryan said...

Gillian, I can relate to 'that dreaded sound'. Here in the mountains it means someone is lost. Just last week I heard the helicopters circling in vain looking for a fit 70 year old man who is lost on the mountain. They've given up the search and everyone assumes the worst.

Funny, but I thought I was the only one who thought that about the rotars of a helicopter, but it makes sense that living out near the point you would be one of the few to understand it's banshee song.

Whenever I hear it I hope for the best but expect the worst.

Here's hoping the boater(s) were recovered.

Bella said...

I think it strange that Tom Ryan believe when other people hear the sounds of helicopter they don't stop to think that someone been hurt or it very ill! When I heard the sounds of the helicopter , I hope of the best of the person too! There plenty of people that know when the helicopter is over head someone need help!

sds said...


I've heard multiple people from the island today that mentioned the helicopter last night.

But those Facebook conversations can certainly distract you...


Gillian Swart said...

Yeah ... David, wow, I was quite stunned afterwards at how focused I was on that exchange. It was really noisy out here and I heard nada until I signed off Facebook. I guess it's good the house wasn't on fire also ...

Gillian Swart said...

Bella, I guess it's common for people to think their reactions to things are not shared by others, especially when they're particularly emotional reactions.

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Somewhat spot on, Gillian. Until I lived up here the only close interaction I typically had with a helicopter were traffic helicopters.

It wasn't until up here when I realized they were used for search and rescue and heard them hover overhead that I got the 'feeling'. I was simply saying I could relate to your description.