Monday, June 29, 2009

Another great day at the market

Or it could read, "Another gray day at the market."

I don't know if it's packed because of the awesomeness or because it's been rainy all 3 Sundays (so no one is going to be beach instead), but the Newburyport Farmers' Market just keeps getting bigger and better.

This week they had some young artisans, including 14-year-old Will Fox, who was tying and selling fishing flies and Samuel Day, who was creating origami.

Speaking of the farmers' market - Get out the Vote!!

Market organizer Shari Wilkinson reports that the market is number 17 now (183 votes), right on the tail of the famous New York City Farmers Market at Union Square (184 votes).

With only 2 more votes we will move a head to number 15!! Thank you for taking us this far, those who have voted and please pass this on to those who may want to support the market. Pls vote (, if you haven't already, thanks!

To get us to the top 5 we will need about 500/800 votes this week... Think we can do it?? Let's try! The little port that could!!

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