Monday, June 22, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays ...

So earlier I guess I appeared to be bitching about political moves and Facebook ... and perhaps I was being a bit of a grouch.

Anyway, I got a nice email from a certain person apologizing if indeed he had made me uncomfortable with this Facebook 'friending.'

Which was a classy move and deserves a round of applause plus a gold star for said person (James Shanley, of course), which he can put on his khaki hat. I look forward to following his progress on Facebook and everywhere else he plans to campaign.

In fact, not only did he send me a friend request but someone else recommended him to me as a friend.

It really is a solid move on his part (joining Facebook, that is), and I certainly did not mean to imply otherwise. So yada, yada, yada and never mind.

And I apologize for being such a snarky person. I can't help it - it's my nature!

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