Friday, June 19, 2009

Landfill update, such as it is

Somewhere in the comments is a question about whether there is anything new to report about the Crow Lane landfill.

... I know in Everett, the odors have been unbearable since he's been digging into the piles. He's not deodorizing and no one from city or state has been there. I cant imagine how bad it could be at the landfill.
I haven't seen much in the way of resident complaints and most, if not all, of the recent complaints have been about the trucks lining up along Crow Lane and Low St., waiting to get onto the site.

Way back when the trucks were allowed to roll into town again, Ward 5 Councillor Brian Derrivan wrote that he would provide a weekly update to residents ... it looks like he hasn't been doing it regularly, unless the updates are no longer being copied to the media.

I have a call in to At-large Councillor Kathleen O'Connor Ives about the information the City Council wanted from Mayor Moak, ASAP, before it decided whether to proceed with any kind of official protest to Moak's administrative order that re-opened the landfill to owner New Ventures.

Of course, that was also a few weeks ago ...

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Anonymous said...

Scroll down. Someone is supposed to monitor every truck, we havent seen it.