Monday, June 29, 2009

Council tables regionalized health deal

Maybe that's why there was no reporter from the Daily News present at the meeting? Is the DN prescient?

Nobody else there from here who cared, either (unless that's why Terry Berns was there).

Two Amesbury municipal councilors - President Roger Benson and V.P. Robert Lavoie - were there but didn't speak.

I mean, they spoke to me but not publicly.

I guess Barry Connell, Tom Jones and Larry McCavitt voted against tabling the agreement because they all 3 wanted to vote "no" tonight. Jones and McCavitt both had some pretty strong criticism of the agreement, most notably that Newburyport would bear 64 percent of the cost.

He added that it was a heck of a deal - for Salisbury.

I haven't seen a recent version of the agreement, yet.

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