Friday, June 26, 2009

It's a shame

I am just now reviewing the City Council agenda for Monday's meeting. Verrrry interesting.

You know? One of the things I enjoy seeing while walking along a jetty or a boardwalk, let's say, is people fishing. I used to go to Castle Island (South Boston) just to watch such activity - and hope a plane would be approaching Logan Airport really low since I love that kind of stuff.

But this is not what will happen along Newburyport's pending Harborwalk, if the City Council approves proposed "use regulations."

I should say here that, according to the memo from Snr. Project Manager Geordie Vining, the city has permanent easements with the Rivers Edge Condominium Association and the Windward Marina that includes restrictions on public night-time use and fishing "for the boardwalk portion of the Harborwalk."

This amendment to an existing ordinance will set up special use areas and specific use regulations:

(1) The Harborwalk shall be available to the general public from dawn to dusk; night-time use is prohibited; trespass on private marina and residential property is prohibited.

(2) No persons shall fish, swim or dive from the Harborwalk; no persons shall cause fishing gear to inferfere with the safety or enjoyment of the general public.

(3) The above prohibitions shall be posted in plain view along the Harborwalk.

(4) through (6) are about trash, graffiti, motor vehicle use and solicitation.

(7) The general public shall not be charged any fees for use of the Harborwalk.

(8) All vessels operating near the Harborwalk will do so at headway speed.

(9) No vessel shall be secured to the Harborwalk.

(101) Typo? Violations of this section ... yada yada ... $100 per person per incident, as well as confiscation of illegally used fishing gear.

I guess fishing is too plebian an activity for the new Newburyport, which made its mark on the world in large part by fishing.

I know fishing off the existing boardwalk is also prohibited - actually, I don't know that for a fact; I'm just guessing because I never see anyone fishing - but this is not downtown, per se. This is the area from Cashman Park east to Michael's Harborside.

I observed a lot urban kids being taught how to fish from Castle Island.

What about romantic midnight strolls along the river?

I object.


Dick Monahan said...

I join you in objecting, and am writing to my councilor.

Gillian Swart said...

I hope it's not Shanley; he's sponsoring it.