Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So much for the sand

If you ever needed or wanted proof that you really can't fool Mother Nature, look at the photo accompanying this story in today's Daily News.

What a fiasco - although, one has to wonder what it would look like if those bags of sand had not been put on the beach.

I think that Newbury had better get going on that right-of-way for Hutchins Rd./14th St. to provide somewhat of a road for emergency evacuation.

[PITA President Ron]Barrett said he’s witnessed cycles of erosion, some worse than what happened last year when the central dune at island center had to be re-built with sand bags. PITA and Newbury are looking at one public right-of-way, at 14th Street and Hutchins Road, that could serve as an emergency route for vehicles, should the central dune be breached and island center be flooded.

And this is where they want to spend millions to put even more sand that will wash away as soon as there's any kind of storm.


I'm heading down there right now to check out the situation.

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