Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh the humanity

As pointed out by reader (and former resident, editor, writer) Tom Ryan, Mary Baker Eaton talks today in a blog post about "go along to get along."

I agree with Tom - it's good to have Mary back posting regularly. With election season coming up, we all need as many voices as possible.

I will admit that I'm not very politically savvy (my brain doesn't run that way), but I can detect a skunk when I smell one.

Unfortunately, I don't see where some city councillors can detect a skunk when it's standing in front of them. And I also don't see where some potential voters can detect one; at least one person I know doesn't even know what a "skunk" does.

(My neighbor the other day actually admitted that she doesn't know "what the City Council does." I found that most alarming since she actually does vote.)

As I said before, it would be good if people actually attended City Council meetings and saw what happens - all the signalling from the hallway, from the peanut gallery ... from the scaffolding outside the window; all the face pulling; all the ignoring evidence to the contrary.

Actually, the latter can be seen on video.

But I get the impression that people just don't care.

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