Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wright house up for sale in A2

What kind of house will $1.5 mil get you around here? Beachfront?

Well, in Ann Arbor, MI, $1.5 mil will get you a 2,000 sf house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. And here is the story, from the Ann Arbor News.

It's Ann Arbor's only Frank Lloyd Wright house, the story says. What, are there supposed to be more in each city?

Actually, there are 25 structures designed by the famed architect in Oak Park, IL.

The price includes the home's original furniture, a collection of Wright's papers and, tucked neatly in the woods behind the home, a tea house. The catch: The house must be kept as-is.

The furniture was designed for the home, apparently a standard for a Wright design.

From the description, it seems it has small rooms, except for communal spaces.

Photo by Leisa Thompson The Ann Arbor News.

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