Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Egads! On photography

I just realized that my photo now accompanies all my comments, etc., on other blogs.

It's not that I'm really oblivious (which I can be), but I always click "no" when it asks me if I want to see the content that includes photos, when writing comments.

Congratulations go to Kevin Harkins, photographer extraordinaire for Merrimack Valley Magazine, for taking a decent photo of me!

Many people have tried, and have failed, in this attempt.

Along the way, Kevin was heard to mutter such things as, "I don't get it, you look perfectly fine when I look at you, but ..."

If someone could find some way to make unphotogenic people look good in photos, how much money do you think they could make? About as much as a good photographer makes, I'd bet.

Because I think that is the key.


The most hairy moments as a reporter who also has to take photos occasionally, is when I encounter the subject who is a photographer.

The last photographer that I was shooting said (with a little laugh), "You have a very interesting way of taking photos."

Well, God only knows what the fruits of my labor would be like if I had a decent camera.

Just as the Internet is making everyone a writer, the digital camera is turning everyone (me included) into a photographer - although I did once take a photography class, and I do have an unusually high camera count for the average person (4).

Which do you prefer, color photos or black and white?

I like color photographs, but I was taught (again, by Gary Custer in Flint) a healthy love for black and white photography.

That being said, the photo above was taken by John W. Adkisson of The Flint Journal. Isn't it great? The subject is Byron McCarthy, who was volunteering at his 49th Buick Open (golf tournament). Click on the image to enlarge, somewhat.

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mary said...

That IS a great photo!

I prefer color. Though, for photos of people, I really love black and white. (Except for kids. Kids should be in color, in my book.)