Sunday, August 31, 2008

A mysterious gift

Well knock me over with a feather. You know, Tom Salemi and I, a ways back, had been demanding t-shirts from our readers. (He had proclaimed some unspecified future date as blogger's day in the city.)

Well hot damn, I got this t-shirt in the mail on Saturday - from, I presume, a reader.

I'm not entirely sure if it's in support of my diligent attempts to enlighten my readers, however.

And my sister points out that the box it came in only had "Mr. Y, Newburyport" for a return address, which is surely in violation of postal service policy.

We all had a good laugh about it, though.

Isn't it nice that someone actually took the time and effort to purchase this shirt (in the correct size, I might add), go to the post office, and send it to me priority mail?

Thanks, reader! Should I start carrying a gun?


Anonymous said...

Only carry a gun if its a dainty, lady-like Nancy Regan gun.

Short of that, keep your sense of humor and wear the shirt with pride.

Mr. Y

Gillian Swart said...

Thanks, Y. I love it!

Ari Herzog said...

Is Mr. Y the split personality of Mr. X?

Gillian Swart said...

It's possible, Ari. I always think X must be someone I know cuz s/he has never even remotely challenged me - no matter what outrageous thing I might say. Then again, s/he might just think I'm not worth the bother!

Ari Herzog said...

I didn't receive a shirt.

Gillian Swart said...

Sorry, Ari. Take that up with Y. I would share my speculation on who that is, but that would spoil all the fun.

Let's just say if it is who I think it is, I'm glad he still thinks about me, sometimes.

mary said...

HILARIOUS! I love it!!

Gillian Swart said...

Obviously not who I suspected, since Tom Salemi also got one. Oh, well, I do as Y suggests and wear it with pride.

Anonymous said...


I hope this doesn't make you feel bad but I got one of the "Stop Me Before I Blog Again" Tshirts in the mail too...and I don't even consider myself a blogger.

As an elected official, I did have second thoughts on accepting this anonymous gift, but I think it's okay--couldn't be worth more than $10.

It seems as if it's been ironed - home made style - perhaps with one of those Avery iron-on products. So Mr. Y must have an iron and a computer...which narrows down the suspects ;-).

Ed Cameron

Gillian Swart said...

Perhaps Y does not want to suggest that Ari should stop blogging? Or, more likely, s/he doesn't know Ari's address (he's not in The Book).

Or perhaps the iron broke. I know mine would, since I haven't used it in, like, a year!