Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Council nixes a bunch o' A-frame signs

I gather that last night, the City Council said "No, no, Nanette" to a lot of requests for A-frame signs on city streets.

From what I understand (I forgot to watch the meeting - it's hard enough deciding between Olympics and Red Sox), there was no decision on the request from Licorice & Sloe.

With 2 councillors, Shanley and Connell, absent, the Council failed to reject the request, and then failed to approve it. (Ari Herzog has the full story plus suggestions for the future, on his blog.)

I am also given to believe that the Council did not approve a transfer of funds to cover salary increases for unionized city employees. This I think was them simply making a statement. I have not heard of any movement on the GIC lately.

I wonder if all this would have been a little more newsworthy at this time than the story about the leaky roof at Whittier Regional Voc Tech?

Perhaps the full coverage of the City Council meeting is in the print edition ...

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Ari Herzog said...

The Daily News dropped the ball. No A-frame story in the print version, which is odd as I sat next to Katie Farrell. Maybe she's doing more research, talking to biz owners, who knows.

The CC by failing to approve the L&P's vote and then failing to approve their own vote, in essence rejected the Licorice & Sloe sign.

News is no longer the domain of the newspapers. The newspapers are behind the time as late adopters (if any adopters) of new media. The bloggers of 01950 prove that time and time again.