Monday, August 4, 2008

Little flowers at the waterside

I was roaming around a festival-free downtown earlier, and I had to marvel at how many mothers and strollers I saw. I mean, I guess they were always there, but I never noticed so much.

And being spurred on by a recent comment someone made to me, I wonder how powerful mothers are becoming in today's cityscape.

Mothers complained about lack of restroom facilities at Cashman Park and - voila! - pending City Council approval, from what I understand, an old carriage house from the Towle Bldg. will be moved over to the abutting park and will have restrooms.

Sort of too bad about the reason for having to move the carriage house (a riverside condo complex), but I guess you can't have everything! You know, like future fireworks displays at the park ... I hope everyone enjoyed them. I usually walk down my street about 20 ft. and can see them quite clearly, but I didn't do that this year.

Anyway, getting back on track, the Newburyport Mothers Club is a huge organization, and I've got to think it has some clout. (Now there'll be a story about the club popping up somewhere, not written by me, and I gotta say that fact has kept my posting down of late.)

Organizations aside, it's good to see so many tots in town. You know, those tiny townies I referred to in another post and got in 'trouble' over!

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